At Bosh Burger, we believe that genuine people want to eat real, authentic food. That’s why we insist that all our food is cooked from scratch, on-site, using only fully natural, real ingredients.

We prepare all of our sauces, veg, and meat products by hand, and our meats and burger products are always fresh, never frozen, to give our food the burst of fresh-tasting flavours that make a delicious Irish burger experience.


100% Irish Meat

Ready for a burger experience like no other? At Bosh Burger, we’re not like other burger places in Dublin. We’re about authentic food and a friendly atmosphere. A place where you can talk a little Bosh over a burger and know that all our ingredients are 100% Irish.

Made with only the best ingredients and cooked to perfection, our food is sure to satisfy. Our commitment to quality and passion for cooking is evident in every burger we serve.

our motto

Authentic, No-Nonesence food. Just Real food for real people.

01. Mission

We believe that great food starts with great ingredients, which is why we use only the freshest, locally-sourced beef and produce. Our commitment to quality and our passion for cooking is evident in every bite of our delicious burgers and tasty sides.

02. Vision

Bosh Burger was set up in 2021 with the goal of offering locals the ultimate Burger Hospitality Experience. We are truly passionate about providing our customers with exceptional food, drink and hospitality pairings that fill your heart as much as your stomach.

03. Value

Come for the burgers; stay for the atmosphere and value. All of our burgers are priced so that whether you’re stopping by for a bite after work or craving a burger that is not factory-made? Get yourself to Bosh Burger, and you will get a burger that will surely satisfy!